Ease of Transaction

As most U.S. Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers do not have the time and resources, Asia etc. brings expertise to enable ease of transaction.

Identifying Inefficiencies

Asia etc. can identify needs in the US markets, source products to fill the imbalances in U.S. and do so cost effectively; all the while, working closely with our customers.

 Increase Sales & Optimize Revenue

Asia etc. constantly looks for opportunities through information both in Asia and the U.S. marketplace. Gathering, sourcing, developing and working closely with our customers, Asia etc. simplifies this often time consuming, frustrating process, enabling you our customer to concentrate on generating revenue.


We employ entrepreneurial sourcing strategy which has been successfully executed over the past 10 years. The strategy is designed to consistently search for the missing or scarce food items as well as understanding the trends that are in demand by U.S. consumers. With our direct connections to growers, manufacturers and to manufacturing facilities for outsourcing production for American food manufacturers, Asia etc. is well placed to meet your needs. The Worldwide Network established over the many years by Asia etc. is extensive and we are confident to meet the demands of the American market.